London In Pictures

I’ve told you all about our trip to Prague this past summer…after we left Prague we went to London for three days. Once we actually got there it was great- there was a connecting flight from Prague to Rome that we barely made, and our luggage did NOT make it, so that made the first day and a half of our stay in London a little stressful- but finally we got our bags and all was good.

London is a place I’ve always wanted to go since I can remember. I think part of it is because nearly all of the music I love comes from there- Bowie, the Beatles, the Stones, for example, so I’ve always gravitated towards English things. My mom was a big fan of Princess Diana, and even though I was really little I do remember watching her wedding on tv, so getting to see Buckingham Palace in person was pretty awesome.

When we got home so many people asked me what my favorite part of London was… but I can’t think of just ONE thing. I think my favorite part was just being there. I want to go back again for sure!! We did stop by a few pubs that I really loved, and I’ll share those experiences separately because I just have SO many pictures from the trip! The photos below are some of my favorites- you can always follow me on Instagram at KarenOnTheAir for more!

London 21London 20London 18London 19London 22London 23

londonLondon 1London 2London 3London 4London 5London 6London 7London 8London 9London 10London 11London 12London 13London 14London 15London 16London 17London 24London 25

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