Prague- Food & Drinks in Pictures

So being a foodie one of the best things about getting the chance to travel abroad was the prospect of checking out foods I’d never had before. While in Prague, we did mostly eat breakfast at the hotel since it was free & we tried to save money where we could. I did however have probably THE best gruyere omelette I’ve ever had at a little cafe one morning while we were out. The downside was, I didn’t get many photos of the food while we were there- usually because we walked everywhere we went & I was SO hungry by the time the food got to us! In addition to that omelette, I also had great Mexican food, of all things, while in Prague, and we had pizza twice and it was fantastic as well. I did however get photos of ice cream & some adult beverages while we explored the city that I want to share!

I didn’t get a photo of that omelette, but this is the coffee I ordered along with it- and it tasted as good as it looks!

prague coffee

Now let’s talk ice cream. Right down the street from our hotel there was this little ice cream stand surrounded by other shops & a farmer’s market. The longest line was always for this dessert- The Trdelnik is a Czech pastry that’s used as the cone, it’s a dough that’s wrapped around a stick and grilled- and then it’s filled with some of the most awesome ice cream I’ve ever had. I was able to snap a few pictures while in line..

prague ice cream 3prague ice cream 2prague ice cream 1

Now let’s talk bars. There were two that we went to that I really loved- one was called Bar & Books, and it was just that. A bar, that kind of looks like an old yet fancy den or study, filled with all kind of books on the shelves. They had some really fun mixed drinks on their menu…here are a few that the group of us had, and a snapshot of the inside of the bar.

My favorite place we went to was the Hemingway Bar, named after the famous author who used to frequent this place years ago. The first thing that I noticed before walking in was a list of bar rules- ..I’m sorry to say I broke a few rules while there…no vulgar language, I can’t do that!!

prague hemingway 7prague hemingway 4prague hemingway 1

In addition to the unique atmosphere, they had some of the most fun drink presentations I’ve ever seen!

As I mentioned above, we had some really great Mexican food in Prague- something I wasn’t really expecting! The restaurant we went to was called Agave, if you’re ever in that area, I highly recommend checking it out! I had their carnitas burrito- I always order carnitas when I go to a new Mexican place, it’s one of my favorite things & Agave didn’t disappoint. Again, I wish I had taken a photo before I started to eat, but there was no waiting around once that plate hit the table! However I did order a strawberry margarita after dinner, and I think it’s the prettiest margarita I’ve ever seen- just as delicious too! prague drink 1

So that’s about it for my Prague photos…up next I’ll be tackling the London portion of the trip…I still have SO many pictures to sift through, so hopefully I’ll have those up for you soon!

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